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Cura : bad Voron definition file(s)


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In "voron2_base.def.json", we can read :

"machine_gcode_flavor": { "default_value": "RepRap (RepRap)" }

This is wrong ! It has to be Marlin, as the Reprap flavor issues M204 Pxxx that are not natively supported by Klipper.

As a result, acceleration control doesn't work, and all we get is crappy prints, and loads of errors in the form of :

Invalid M204 command "M204 Pxxxx"
Hello, where is this file posted? Is it some profile from VoronDesign Github? If it is, would you mind opening an Issue for it, or creating a PR?
If it comes with Cura's stock profile for that printer, that's something which Ultimakerbot needs to fix.
It's a set of files that come with the Cura installer.
These definitions are located in :

C:\Program Files\UltiMaker Cura 5.4.0\share\cura\resources\definitions
(windows of course)

Opening an issue is worthless, because the answer is always the same in such a case : these files are created by the printer community, not by Ultimaker. Of course, at some point there's a PR... But only the creator of the def file knows...

Also, are they usefull there ? Not sure. The default settings are very conservative, definitely not reflecting a finely tuned machine, with IS.
Such files also can live in the configuration folder that can be accessed with the help menu (Show Configuration Folder)

"author": "Fulg, Maglin, pizzle_Dizzle",

Maybe they will see this post ?

Ultimaker did not document these files. They will not. Somewhere on their forum, we can read something like "who needs to write such a file does build a printer, so also can find how to write the file himself". Not false... (many definitions files are available as templates). They are very usefull for... hiding all the bloat of materials !

Love this :

    "exclude_materials": [
Those profiles may just be old, and do not represent current printers. Also, people you see listed there may still use RRF (Fulg does) so the definition is in fact correct. Over time majority switched to SuperSlicer and focused their effort on creating good profiles there.

Profiles on VORON Github are maintained by VORON Design team. Profiles o Cura Github are not maintained by us, it's probably Ultimaker.
Now I understand ! (new to Voron)

Ultimaker does not maintain nor verify third party profiles ; only their own machines. They insist about this when there's a bug report about profiles (it's pretty rare).
Maybe they will see this post ?

I did see it, however I have no weight over at Ultimaker (nor do I have access to secret documentation!). If you want to make this change, submit a PR with the fix so the next Cura release has this fixed.

Ultimaker includes user-submitted profiles as a convenience to its users, they do not maintain them. If nobody is maintaining them anymore (and/or they do not apply to current printers) it might be worth submitting a PR that removes VORON support from Cura so that new users are not further confused.

EDIT: I should add that the intent was for the profiles to work for everyone with stock machines, but it looks like I did not realize M204 was not supported by Klipper. Maybe this is also an opportunity to improve Klipper by adding support for it...

EDIT 2: on the topic of Klipper, it looks like they are not accepting the M204 Pxxx command on purpose: https://github.com/Klipper3d/klipper/issues/2492#issuecomment-591059431. So I doubt there will be much traction there. :cry: If you intend to supply a PR that changes the Gcode flavor in the VORON profile, make sure you understand what else this switch does first (you can find this out by looking through the Cura code, I don't have an up-to-date answer).
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I'm new to Voron, I won't be doing a PR ! (just built a Zero, and started a 2.4/350) . And as you say, they have to work with a freshly built machine, with no IS)

We don't install a new printer every day.
Such files could be in the user mods repos, along with profiles : they can live in the Cura user config folder, and it's easier than a forced installation, no PR, just a few ctrl C / ctrl V. Only the bed skin has to be in the Cura folders unfortunately.

Maybe I'll upload them on my Git, if I create some. For now, I'm using yours, and I'm very happy with ! (but still procrastinating a mod for the materials genocide)

(sticking with Cura because of some parameters, and the amazing Klipper plugin with its PA granularity ; couldn't live without ; never was comfortable with Slic3r, nor PS and SS... Orca has a great GUI, but didn't find such options ; very disapointing)