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Custom color requests for PIF


New member

Was wondering if I could pay extra in the PIF program to request custom colors.

I found about 5 listings offering shades that I like and would be happy to compensate the printer.

I have an Ender 3 Pro but based on what I've been reading, when you use the PIF program it's common to get such high quality parts that "you won't believe they were produced from an FDM printer" so I'm open to trying if I can get the colors I want for an extra fee.

If not I'm going to just do it myself.

Where are you from?

A PIF provider should be able to accommodate you. If they have those colors then they can do it

If you need something more specific it can definitely be done

When you sign up you can put in your notes what colours you want and then once you are assigned a provider just let them know what you are after.