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Does the ABS chamber temperature melts PLA?


New member
This Prusa enclosure product description says the chamber temperature can melt PLA, Is that even possible? Just how hot it really gets in there.
It doesn't melt PLA, but at around 50-60°C PLA starts to become soft and pliable. And those temperatures are easily reachable on a printer chamber at ABS temperatures.
Melt? no. But IME (with PLA+) it can get warm enough to make it warp pretty badly. I'd reprint any critical parts out of ABS/ASA.
PLA can also creep under pressure / tension. I printed the external PTFE hanger for my 2.4 out of PLA before I got the enclosure complete, then reprinted in ASA after the enclosure. I noticed a distinct bend in the middle when I replaced it.

I've been going back through and reprinting any parts that I made in PLA now that I can reach 50° chamber temps.