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Does this conversion kit make sense?

This is a kit that mod the standard Ender3 to make a Voron printer, from the price point I think its a good deal, but I have to think twice about the real point of doing this. Certainly, this will be a vast improvement over the stock Ender3 but can you achieve real high end result with that on par with Voron or Bambo?
Yeah, I think you can get close to the same results from other venders. In the end it's still a bed slinger so that is your limitation. For the price you could build a V0 but the build volume would be smaller. Over all, I think its a great project to get a nice printer.
but can you achieve real high end result with that on par with Voron or Bambo?
No it won’t be on par.

In the same way one can mod and tune and dial in an ender for great results, the same is true with this or any printer almost.

If you’re stuck trying to decide between this and a proper CoreXY build 100% put this money towards a dedicated build.

It’ll be a fun project if you like messing with DIY printers, more fun than just unboxing a Bambu.

You do this for fun, not for a quick route to an equivalent to a V2 or VT for ‘less’.

This is like the bonus round when you have replaced your ender already with something bigger and better, and your Ender is at risk of just gathering dust in a corner.

Don’t go converting your only working printer.