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Question Dragon hotend poor performance

My experience has been I am able to print ABS faster then PLA, but have to print PETG much much slower. I am using the flowrate to limit the speed at different filament. My dragon SF can do 13 on PLA, 14 on ABS and 10 on PETG.

Maybe you should consider trying differrent ABS filament. I noticed atleast the ESNU ABS+ and proto pasta ABS are so so much different.

Also just through in some thought, there are two kinds of "fast". Fast flow rate vs fast movement. For large diameter nozzle/wider extrusion line, one needs faster flow-rate. For smaller nozzle, one needs faster movement. My Dragon SF's flow-rate is what's limiting the speed right now, so for me, I'll likely to upgrade it to something completely different next before stepping up the game with the gantry.