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Heat Creep Issues with LGX Shroud

Max Pickle

Printer Model
Voron 0.1
Extruder Type
LGX Lite
Cooling Type

My V0.1 prints mainly ABS and is currently loaded with Sunlu printing at 245 degC and 110 degC with 60% cooling. The basic printer specs are:
  • LGX Tool Head including the LGX Lite Extruder and Dragonfly 3010 Shroud (image 1).
  • The hot end fan is a GDSTime 3010 24v and the part fans are Winsinn .
  • Retraction is 0.4mm at 35mm/s and the default speed is 200mm/s with 3k acceleration.

Certain prints (image 2) will complete okay and I'm happy with the quality and performance. Where as others (image 3 & 4) fail repeatedly in this case at the final lip about layer 75/82.

PXL_20230228_120728466.jpg printokay.PNG PrintFail.PNG PXL_20230228_121954101.jpg

The failure is due to complete heat creep right up through the heatsink to where the heatsink fixes to the hot end mount behind the shroud. The hot end fan doesn't appear to fail or slow at any point in time and was new very recently. Its more likely to occur after a few prints have been completed. This example was the second run of the day.

Is it possible that the LGX Shroud is causing these problems with heat retention?

I'd really welcome some insight and advice because I'm running out of ideas. I'll add more context below but thank you for reading and hopefully responding.

Regards Max.

/*** More Context ***/
  • When the printer was first completed it worked faultlessly. It was running a Dragon HF at around 120mm/s all other settings would have been the same.
  • Then one of the part fans began failing intermittently and it was suggested to me that alongside replacing the fan I should also try the LGX Extruder/Toolhead.
  • This is when the complete heat creep started happening repeatedly on the majority of prints.
  • I downgraded to a Dragon SF in the hope that more heatsink would solve it. No change.
  • I downgraded to a DragonFly as this allows a 3010 fan and isn't restricted to a 3007/6 fan - this has improved things a bit but not fully.
  • I've tried increasing the speed as high as 240mm/s so filament is passing through in a shorter space of time.
  • I've used the Ellis Guide to death and if a print completes I am happy with the finish. I get occasional warping and this is just user error and I won't have prepped the bed well enough.
Thank you for all the replies. I finally solved this with the superb help of a Redditor. I'll post the solution here for anyone else searching.

Basically my standard enclosure was reaching temperatures above 60 degC during extended prints or extended operation during multiple prints.

We live in the UK so a temperate c;limate and its currently winter so this isn't a tropical summer issue.

My solution was a standalone filtered exhaust that fits to the rear of the of the lid. Once the temp reaches a certain point this starts drawing a little air out of the enclosure so its replaced with cooler. Its slow enough not to create a problematic cold draft but also seems to keep the temps in the mid 50s.