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Question Help please, I made a mistake with my Manta M8P


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Hi all, good the little evening blunder when starting a new Voron ....
I slammed a component on my Manta M8P board I think it's a voltage regulator.
To replace it is not a problem but I must have the reference.
Could someone send me a picture of this little IC?
The start-up is complete until the test of the fans ....
After Checking to run a 12V fan on 24 it is the card that swallows ....
Thanks for your help.

Go to GitHub bigtreetech mp8 hardware and there you find the schematic of your board with parts..
Good luck.
P. S.
How did you mage to break that chip?
Thanks for your reply,
I didn't think of that. the only problem is that the component number is located below ... And my Voron works even damaged I just have my fans working at 100%.
I think it's the RY8336 step-down but I want to be sure first.
If you have a manta m8p can you just take a picture for me? I will change it once received.
I think I fried it following a recovered fan and not having the right voltage....
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Sorry, but it is a pain in the b.. to come to that board... I have everything very crowded plus was very lucky to mage that beast in a tight space in a corner ;-) otherwise I would have done that bevor..
And much better in the same GitHub you can find the part number in the ....SCH pdf.
I dont know if its too late.. the chip is designated U17. U can see in the Hardware folder from the BTT github https://github.com/bigtreetech/Manta-M8P is a pdf named "BIGTREETECH MANTA M8P V1.0-SIZE-top". If you zoom in all is visible. I found it in the electronic schematic. I attach a picture. I hope it helps.


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I have the exact same issue on my V1.0. It was working fine in my Trident and only removed because I was going to use it in a v2.4 since I went with a SB2040 and was able to use just an M5P instead. Anyways, I don't recall having anything hit the board so don't think it was a physical issue.


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If the inductor below the IC goes to pin 3 then possibly U19 (RY8336 step-down regulator)... I'm only guessing as the boards doesn't have many 8 pin IC's and there's an RY8336 in the schematic...
Check the schematic in the datasheet, pins 4 & 9* ground, pin 1 supply, there's a cap between pins 1 & 3... try trace the track to confirm these.... *9 is probably metal base?
As I said, just guessing but it worth a shot, I assume it's Version 1.0/1.1 of the Manta 8?
RY8336 Datasheet
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Big thanks for pointing out the component! I had the exact same issue while testing a shorted fan and it also blew in the same manner in my board, I contacted BigTreeTech but they were completely useless though this post helped me fix it ! The below might be useful for someone else so here's what I did. This chip is used for the 12V step down. I looked at the datasheet and found it it's very similar to other synchronous step down in sop8 format, so I used a hot station to replace it with the chip on the very common step down component below you can get from ebay/etc and voila! everything works again again and the voltage measured with the multimeter is exactly 12v.


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