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Issue with LED Strip on Manta m8p


New member
I'm running: BTT Manta m8p+CB1 - Klipper - Mainsail


[neopixel Case_Light]
pin: PC6
chain_count: 143
color_order: GRB
initial_RED: 1.0
initial_BLUE: 1.0
initial_GREEN: 1.0

The strip has 143 chips (about a meter in length) and I am using the Manta RGB port. Using the above configuration after a restart of the printer the entire strip lights up perfectly in white (It works for whatever color I try).



When I run the above gcode only about the first 60 or so LEDs change red, the rest stay white.

I tested using 0 0 0 INDEX=10, INDEX=20 to 100. There should be 10 unlit LEDs on the strip. There are only 5.

I'm not sure it's a power issue, the initial startup wouldn't light the whole strip, right?
Is there a hidden chain_count equivalent in the SET_LED command?
Am I missing something here?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.