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Question Help, where does this noise come from


Printer Model
V2.4 R2
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
Cooling Type
Hello everyone, my name is kevin and i am 28 years old.
i'm from germany and i apologize for my bad grammar. I recently got a Voron 2.4 R2.

Unfortunately I have a problem which I can not assign and hope that maybe someone can help me here.
Thank you and best regards

Look at de Videolink
Weiss nicht welches Geräusch Du meinst.... Aber wenn es um das Knacken geht. Die vier verrundeten Aufhängungen welche das Gantry mit den Schlitten verbinden sollten abgeschliffen und gefettet sein.

Don't know witch noise you mean, but in case it's that cracking... The four rounded joints between gantry and slides should be sanded and greased.
Good evening, Thank you for your quick response. I found the mistake. The belts slide over the pulleys and loop on the belt. I sprayed some silicone spray on it and the noise went away. but the error is still there.
I uploaded another video to illustrate it.

You're belts should not want to move out of their path. I don't know how they could be so out of alignment unless your gantry isn't square, the motor pulleys aren't aligned correctly, or the quad gantry levelling is very off.
hello, today I checked the pulleys and the bearings. everything looks fine there. the belt tension is also good. I also checked the angularity of the frame. Quad ganrty leveling works fine.
unfortunately I can not find the error.
is there anything else i can check?


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With the printer off, does it make the clicking noise if you move the toolhead around by hand? You might be able to track down the issue by feeling it out when it clicks.

Moving the toolhead around by hand might also make it easier to watch the belt move over all your pulleys and bearing (especially the front idlers) to see if one of them is causing the belt to rise and fall.
Hello everyone, I found the mistake. the A drive does not appear to be assembled centrally. I loosened the carbon pin and all the screws. then i pushed in the carbon pin and carefully tightened the screws. after that i tested the running paths several times and the belt runs perfectly. the belts are from gates thanks for that advice too. I want to thank you all for your help.