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Klicky PCB Probe = not responding to click


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Hello everyone,
I'm running a Klicky PCB Board with Stealthburner/Hartk's 2 piece PCB on a Octopus 1.1

With config [probe] pin: PG15 = always triggered, ~!PG15 + !PG15 = always open.

When I attach the probe the LED light on the board comes on. I tested continuity from the octopus (PG15) to BAT85. I also confirmed ground from Probe pin to octopus common ground. No idea what to do here. Any ideas?
I wired in the klick directly to the J34 port (same PG15 pin) and it worked fine. I think that means the issue has to be something to do with the Stealthburner PCB but I have no idea what it could be. Any ideas for tests I could run?
So with the octopus V1.1 and PCB klicky, the probe plugs into the J34 spot with the PG15 pin in cfg,.. instead of the J40 spot with the PB7 pin in cfg?
And the ^ enables the pullup resistor?
Same setup same problem but I'm plugged into the J40/PB7 plug.
Maybe that's an octopus v1.0 thing. I'll change plugs and see if that helps.
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