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Klipper docker


Hello, I'm new to Voron and just looking into the electronics and software.
As I understand it a raspberry PI is usually chosen as the control board, running klipper with Mainsail interface.
I want to create custom python scripts that will run on that same raspberry pi, that will generate gcode that needs to be transferred to klipper.
How would you approach this? Install Klipper in a docker container?
I'm not sure a Docker container is necessary. Klipper requires Python, so you should be all set up anyway. I'd just run the scripts and drop the gcode files in the normal location Klipper is looking for, normally /home/pi/printer_data/gcodes. Once there, your web interface) Mainsail or Fluidd) will see them as usual.
Thank you, I agree it should be possible but I'm not sure how to run a seperate python custom python script on the raspberry PI next to the Mainsail OS.
The goal will be to have a camera that takes pictures, a script on the PI will convert them to gcode, load the gcode in mainsail and print automatically.
At what step are you stuck in?

python3 yourscript.py should just work, no?

I would create a systemd service that autostarts the python script on startup.
I recently fiddled with getting a small python script to get run through a Klipper macro. I had to also set up a bash shell script that calls the python script. The shell script is literally one line with the python3 call.
Thanks for the info. I found some initial information about klipper macros, but will have to dig deeper.
Do you have a tutorial or documentation you can recommend?