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Klipper LED effect


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Klipper LED effect

This is the thread for the Klipper Plugin to run RGB effects on neopixels & co from within Klipper
Check it out here.

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Latest release:
Pre-Release v0.0.9

Improved Simulator for testing out the effects (Download on the release page)
New effects: stepper color, pattern, temperature sensor
Various fixes and improvements

Happy RGBing!


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I love this plugin and abused the heck out of it. You can tell what task my printer is doing from across the room.


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'Neopixel update didn't succeed' most certainly is coming from too much load on the MCU. It means that it couldn't finish sending out the whole frame in time or it was interrupted by e.g. motor commands. For long chains or a lot of LEDs I recommend reducing the frame rate and using a dedicated MCU like a Pi Pico, Xiao Seeeed or KlipperExpander.
Are there some examples of using LED_EFFECT for different statuses? I've looked thru the doc and have a basic effect on power up. But I'm still trying to wrap my head about doing stuff when homing, printing, heating up, etc. Like any good programmer I work best by ripping off someone else's complete code rather than figuring it out from the documentation. :)

Also... has anyone implemented a Larson Scanner (back and forth chasing) in LED_Effect?


Here you can find a example template: https://github.com/tanaes/whopping_...o_LED/Code/stealthburner_led_effects_barf.cfg

I used this as well and it's working pretty fine. I only struggle at the moment that it does everything as expeceted on first print but for the next prints it starts doing some weird things (flickering, color changing where it souldn't etc.).
This is awesome thanks, going to take me a week to process the contents and figure out what’s what lol.

It’s all a learning curve!


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This is awesome thanks, going to take me a week to process the contents and figure out what’s what lol.

It’s all a learning curve!
I just played around with it so see what it's doing if I change a parameter :)

For example this is my G32, everything with "status XXX" is for controlling the LEDs:

[gcode_macro G32]
G28 X Y
G28 Z

All the status off should not be necessary but I try to figure out why the light go crazy after the first print...