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LDO Nitehawk toolboard with Galileo 2 extruder.


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Hi. I'm upgrading my V24 with LDO's nighthawk toolboard. I'm using a Galileo 2 extruder with stealthburner. I downloaded the cable chain anchor from LDOs nitehawk website. I'm at a complete loss on how and where to mount the anchor on the Galileo 2. Is there a mod to the Galileo to accommodate this anchor? What am I missing? Any help would be appreciated. I posted this on Discord as well. Thanks.


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The g2 has it's own anchor chain mount that you use. The ldo one is for clockwork 2
Is there chain mount for the G2 that is specifically designed for the nitehawk toolboard? The standard chain mount for the G2 in my opinion is too high relative to where the cable exits the tool board. Using the standard G2 chain mount would force too sharp a bend on the harness wire.