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LDO V0.2-S1 RevA+ upgrade to V0.2r1


Import Notification: for LDO V0.2-S1 kit, we are adding 0.2r1 parts in it now, and it will have a version mark A+ (V0.2-S1 RevA+). That means, when you get the kit with A+ version mark (some may added by manual writing from resellers), you can go with 0.2r1 version now. If you already have V0.2-S1, and not assembled yet, you can check with the resellers the kit came from, and got the free 0.2r1 upgrade parts.https://github.com/MotorDynamicsLab/LDOVoron0/tree/v02r1/STLs/Preset_Print_PlatesR1 for LDO V0.2-S1 RevA+(0.2r1)