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LED Effects


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Finishing off a 2.4 350 build. Installed WS2812B RGB LEDs in a ring around the top.

Anyone willing the post their code for cool effect lighting?
You asked for it...
I have something set up for just about every function the printer does. I have SB with Rainbow Barf in the logo and 18-led case light strips on each side wired in series for an overall 36 lED strip in the case.
Thanks, that's a nice set of macros. I was hoping that somebody did the heavy lifting to re-write the stealthburner status macro.

I'm getting consistency issues with the LEDs. It's basically random, but what I get:
  • works fine
  • Doesn't turn on or off
  • random colors
  • fading intensity to end of string.
  • one green or purple led at the end (or in the middle... with the rest of the string dark)
I'm thinking that there's some noise in the signal wire or the power. I've read else ware that putting in a 100uF cap (with appropriate voltage rating) will help damp out the noise.


(might not help that I'm using the el-cheapo string of LEDs off amazon.)
When I did my recent re-wire/upgrade I ran into the same LED issues as others. I added the 2-piece hartk toolhead PCBs, LDO breakout at the other end and the Rainbow Barf SB logo. I was getting the incorrect colors in the toolhead like others . I added a 200 ohm resistor (IIRC) right at the controller end of the signal wire. Problem cleared up after that.
Ah, I added it to the end by the LED strip. I'll try moving it and see if that clears it up.

100uF caps are also cheap and should kill line noise in the supply.

From what I've read, the LEDs are really sensitive to noise.