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Making a v0.2 portable


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Im looking at finding a roll along suitcase that my newly built 0.2 can live in when not in use and to make it more portable so can be easily put in a car or rolled along.

Was just wondering if anyone else had done this and what suitcase you find the best fit. I want to add some foam into it, that the printer will slot into so its well protected inside. Bonus if there is space for a couple of rolls of fillament too.
I currently have my V0 living in a pelican flight case so I can check it with me on flights. It's been to Colorado twice, Chicago twice, Maryland once, and a few other places. I use a Pelican Hardigg im2750 that I got on eBay and I bought a new set of foam from B&H and cut it to match the printer and some accessories.

I am currently working on a 3D printed box that is the same size as the filament so i can have a combination of 4 filament boxes or tool boxes in the case depending on usage needs =)


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I was really hoping to get a suitcase on wheels but theyre all too shallow to fit it, which is a shame, and i dont need an enrmous suitcase in the rest of the dimensions. I may end up having to make something myself to get the correct size.