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Manta M8P with a CM4 using PITFT50. Does it work?

Dom Dell Computer

New member
I moved from the original Spider 1.0 to the Manta M8P with a CM4. So far things have been going well but I did notice I have not been able to get the PITFT50 from BTT to work on it. Has anyone had any better luck with it?
Howdy ;)
according to their manual, the cm4 needs some additional configuration

4.4.2 DSI1 Display Interface The default display interface is HDMI. The onboard DSI port of MANTA M8P uses the DSI1 interface. You need to download the DSI1 driver and enter the following sentence in the command line: sudo wget https://datasheets.raspberrypi.com/cmio/dt-blob-disp1-cam1.bin -O /boot/dtblob.bin After downloading this driver and restarting, the screen of DSI1 will work normally. If you want to use the HDMI interface, you need to delete the downloaded /boot/dt-blob.bin driver and restart, then the HDMI can output normally.
Update to this issue. It seems for some reason the - dl and blob did not copy over the multiple times Ive run this I was able to confirm it was copied to the wrong place using <ls -lh /boot/dt*>. We are good now