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Manual fan control


New member
Hi together,maybe you can help me. I think I just do not see the forest for the trees...
I have in my Voron 2.4 a total of 4 different fans:
- Parts fan
- Extruder fan
- Controller fan
- Nevermore fan

The parts fan I can set via the Mainsail Gui how fast it should rotate. Can I possibly do the same for the other fans?At the moment they are more or less coupled to the temperature of the heating bed and extruder. But I would prefer to do this manually.Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks a lot
The extruder fan is usually ties to the extruder temperature and is not controllable via the GUI. I have the controller and Nevermore fans as simple generic fans ([fan_generic]) which makes them show up in the GUI and controllable.
okay that's what my research already showed too.
Just set the whole thing up as [fan generic].
Do you still have it temperature controlled or do you do it all manually?
Thanks a lot
My controller and Nevermore fans are manually controlled. I have a Rube Goldberg-esque couple of delayed_gcode macros that monitor my RPi CPU temps and cycle the controller fans on and off based on that. I have the Nevermore turned on and off based on the filament being used, controlled in the print_start and print_end macros (e.g., ABS is enclosed, so it runs). You can pick through the dirty details on my GItHub repository. Look in fans.cfg and macros.cfg.