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Motor skipping intermittently


New member
Printer Model
Voron 2.4
Hi everyone,
My Voron 2.4 has been operating just fine and I setup a print to run overnight. Came in the next morning to a pile of spaghetti and so I cleaned it off and homed/quad gantry leveled. When I QGLed my right motor started to skip always at the same place—when its transitioning from the 2nd to 3rd measurement point. When running it a few times it worked about 25% of the time, but would always fail the second go around. Here is a video of it failing and making a distinctive noise: .
Any ideas on what may be going wrong?
How long has it been working for? A long time? Or is this a pretty fresh build still
Misrouting the belts in the A/B drives is a pretty common mistake
Whole laundry list of things to check here
Looking closely at your video, I do not believe your right side pulley is spinning, so I'm betting you actually have a loosened grub screw on that pulley.

If it is the grub screw, you may want to check the motor shaft for damage. That odd noise you're hearing could be the tip of the grub screw screw skipping over the flat on the motor shaft, and you'll want to make sure there is still some amount of flat for the grub to land on for proper torque transfer.

Also, don't forget to use some thread locking compound on those grub screws.