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Question "Move out of Range" Error when trying to mesh my Printbed using Klicky.


New member
When Im trying to mesh my Printbed using Klicky the Console always gives me a warning saying "Move out of range: 25.000 -25.000 10.000 [0.000]".
Attaching and Docking the probe works just fine. QGL also works splendid. I did adjust the Z-offset of my Endstop and the Z-offset of my probe. I followed a video by Magnin of Voron Designs on how to set this up. However I cannot seem to fix this issue.
Any ideas?
Alright, I managed to fix the mistake. I needed to adjust my min/max mesh points in the printer.cfg. When trying to move to 0 the machine already used the y-offset of the Klicky probe. That way when going to 0 it would have tried to move the nozzle to -25mm. Set min/max mesh points accordingly (mesh_min: 25, 25 and mesh_max: 275, 275 for a 300x300mm bed) and everything works just fine.
I've found that almost every time I get some sort of "Move out of Range" error, it's because something (usually a macro) has left klipper in a G91 (relative) state when it should be in a G90 (absolute) state.

Doesn't apply to your situation, but thought I'd put it here for anyone searching for "Move out of Range error".