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My Formbot 2.4 350 build log


New member
Bought my formbot voron 2.4 r2 kit via Aliexpress arrived in 4 days from china to the uk. I didnt want to build the standard black framed voron so bought a frame kit separate from fysetc in green. got some vinyl for the floor to brighten it up and for the logos i wanted to add to the back board. My sons got a cricut so was easy to get the patterns cut out. Building the frame I realized I would need some sort of square and clamps to enable me to square the frame up and as I didnt have a marble top I used 16mm ply board. The assembly was pretty straight forward and frame went together very easily with clear instructions from the pdf file. once the frame was done the Gantry also proved easy to build but more difficult to make square. The abs parts came from Ebay as I was let down at the last minute. Assembly was pretty straight forward and flew together nicely, once built I decided I wanted to have to pick the printer up and turn it over to get to the electrics and decided to do the reverse electric compartment mod using hangers from 1 mod and the hinges and oil filled strutts from another mod. This was easy enough to do but a nightmare having to wait for the parts as the hinges took ages to arrive. I ordered some leds to go around the top of the frame but didnt like them once installed so decided to do something very unique and cut my led strip into 6 parts soldered wires onto each end of the strips and made them so that they went around the voron sign I had already put on the back board. The finish I achieved was great the Leds have bluetooth and are plugged intothe usb socket on the btt pi, theres an app to download and gives full control to over 100 patterns.