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My seems show a lot more on my V0 than my Prusa, not sure why?


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My Voron V0 is a wonderful little bugger! But one of the things I'm still trying to sort out is the look of the seams when printing circular objects. On my Prusa's my retraction might not be perfect as I tend to get zits. But on the V0, even if I turn retraction off, I get an indention where the seam is and I can't quite figure out why that would be? I'm also not sure if it's related to the V0 extruder parts or the Revo. The behavior is the same on the .4, .6 and .8mm nozzles (I haven't tried using the .25mm yet).

I know I'm always going to get seams but trying to figure out how to minimize it. Would intentionally over-extruding a bit help perhaps?
Pressure advance too high?
or maybe you are doubling up on pressure advance by also having the slicer add some ooze control at seams.
Hmmm glad I asked as I hadn't thought about that! I can re-run the pressure advance tests and see. Or I guess just turn it off and see what happens. Slicer-wise, I'm using Prusa Slicer.

EDIT: Actually yes, looks like the "lines" method that I used to originally calibrate it is no longer recommended (https://github.com/AndrewEllis93/Pr...ain/articles/pressure_advance.md#lines-method) so yeah I think there's something to this!

I think I'm gonna first try it with linear advance off entirely just to see if that has a significant impact on circular objects and go from there.
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As an update, I re-ran PA tests and did make a slight adjustment. This does seem to have improved things. Counter intuitively, I think increasing my retraction from 0.1 to 0.2mm also had an impact in making the seems a bit less noticeable. I haven't done proper apples to apples testing though since one of the things I changed was to switch to random seams which has indeed make them less noticeable overall.
if you are using prusa slicer updating to 2.5 and enabling arachne can improve the seams, that or using the painting tools to force seams into desired locations
Yep I'm using Arachne. Painting the seams though isn't something I have tried since it's a cylinder. I've been able to improve the look by using the random seams.

One thing I also noticed, by way of printing Clockwork 2 for the 2.4, my tolerances weren't as good as I though. Even though I've adjusted my e-steps and have done pressure advance, it seems as though I was over-extruding some (the manual warns about the tight tolerances for these parts). Setting my extrusion multiplier to 0.9 allowed the Clockwork 2 parts to fit together much better and it does seem this has also made an impact on the seams. I still think my Prusa's make better seams, though maybe this is apples to oranges since I'm using ABS on the V0 and PLA on the MK3s.