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My Voron 0.2


I posted a few picture of my finished Voron 0.2 on discord and got a lot of awesome response from the community. I want to share some thoughts about the printer and more information about the mods that I have done.

My V0.2 build:
Or with more light:

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What was often requested is the list of mods that I used on that build. In total there are 29 mods used for this printer. Some mods I just used as they are, some mods I modified a little bit so they would fit and some mods I modified heavily / did myself.

For me it is important to mention that I did not simply invent the modifications or that everything is my idea. A lot of great work has been done and published before I event entered the game. A lot of inspiration that enabled me to do these mods came from the Voron Team and the Voron community and all the cool stuff these awesome people are publishing. Without them none of the things I did would exist. So a big thank you from me to all of you who have contributed to the Voron project and have inspired me again and again.

Mods that I used as they are (9):​

Mod nameMod authorLink to the mod
Voron 0.2 Tophat extenderMeningitix
VORON 0.2 Carrying handlesArtxime
Matchstick DiffuserMaple Leaf Makers
V0 Stealth BumperMaple Leaf Makers
Kirigami BedChristophMuellerOrg
Kirigami Wago MountChristophMuellerOrg
Screwed Front Door Hingexbst_
V0 1515 T-nutZen3D
V0 1515 extrusion slot covernhchiu

Mods that I modified slightly (7):​

Mod nameMod authorModification doneLink to the mod
Voron V0 Hinged Rear Panel Hex MeshHr_RavnCut out a bit of the top left corner to route cables for the leds in the top hat
V0 Chamber Thermistor MountMaple Leaf MakersI changed the rotation of the chamber thermistor mount so it can be used on top of a horizontal extrusion instead of a vertical one (and the logo is still displayed correctly).
Voron Cable Clamp Umbilical mod CANbusŚlimakMade it smaller as my CANbus cable has a smaller diameter
Guile mini RSCS fan for Voron V0.2thrutheframeAdapted to the fans I used (EBM Pabst radial fan 3D-EL-FAN-RA-RLF-24)
V0 MidPanel HexPatternZen3DAdapted for different print orientation, removed the voron logo on the top left and adapted for my mod of the nevermore filter.
Voron0 MGN9C X Axishartk1213Adapted for my Mini Stealth Burner bowden toolhead mod.
V0.2 MGN9C X AxisruiqimaoUsed the A/B drive frames and added the y endstop again.

Mods that I modified heavily / made myself (13)​

Mod nameDescriptionBased onLink to the mod
Electronics compartment side coversA cover to hide the sides of the electronics compartments. I combined the idea from Maple Leaf Makers for a side cover for the electronics compartment with the mid panel hex pattern from Zen3D to have a seamless look.
  • Modesty Mesh for Voron Zero by Maple Leaf Makers
  • 0 MidPanel HexPattern by Zen3D
Deck panel coverA cover for the deck panel. It is placed on top of the normal deck panel and is purely aesthetic.
  • Voron V0.2 Z endstop combined with a lower guard to protect the area around the leadscrew by Jevermeister
  • V0 MidPanel HexPattern by Zen3D
Tophat led mountsLed mount for led strips that lights the V0.2 from the top of the Tophat.
  • Matchstick Diffuser by Maple Leaf Makers
not yet published
Hex pattern top hat extender panelsCustom hex pattern panels for an extended tophat.-
Electronics bay cover + umbilical guideCustom electronics bay cover to route the bowden tube, toolhead umbilical and two led cables for the left and right led strips.
  • V0-Umbilical
Braided cable guides for 1515 extrusionsGuides for the braided led and fan cables to route the cables neatly. They are desiged based on the mount of the matchstick diffusor by Maple Leaf Makers
  • Matchstick Diffuser by Maple Leaf Makers
Piggyback air filter modA Nevermore/MF Nano inspired air filter that is located in the back of the printer (electronics compartment) and draws air in through one side of the mid panel and pushes it back on the other side. The filter cartridge can be changed easily from the back of the printer.
  • MF Nano by Maple Leaf Makers
not yet published
Tall skirts modTaller skirts that are based on the V2.4 / Triden skirts. They allow the 4.3" touchscreen to be mounted in a compfortable position and allow for a vertical mount of the raspberry pi in the bottom electronics compartment.
  • Standard V0.2 R2 and V2.4R2 skirts
  • 4.3" Touchscreen Mount by jeoje
not yet published
Bottom electronics compartment modTogether with the tall skirts mod this mod adds a grid of m3 hex nuts to the bottom of the printer. On this grid the electronic components can be mounted flexibly. The mod includes mounts for the RaspberryPi, BTT U2C, BTT SKR Pico, Wagos and standoffs for custom cable management.-not yet publsihed
Bottom panel mod for better air circulationA more open bottom panel that allows for a better airflow.
  • Voron V0 Hinged Rear Panel Hex Mesh by Hr_Ravn
not yet published
Mini Stealth Burner bowden mod with BTT EBB36 mountModified Mini Stealth Burner bowden toolhead to attach a BTT EBB36 to it to use canbus with a bowden setup.
  • Standard V0.2 R2 Mini Stealth Burner bowden Version
not yet published
Upper rear panel with Voron logoPrintable upper rear panel with Voron logo.-
Top hat corner cable guidesA cover that can be mounted into the corners of the top hat that hide the cables for the leds in the top hat.-not yet published
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