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new FYSETC 0.2 Pro R1 issues


Printer Model
FYSETC 0.2 Pro R1
Extruder Type
Cooling Type
New FYSETC 0.2 Pro R1 which uses the Catalyst board pre-loaded etc..
1. On boot I'm getting a error- No trigger on x after full movement and its pushing the X-Asix into the rear right side constantly - TRying to home but sensorless is not working (should be active by default).
Y and Z appears to be fine.

2. The bed heater / nozzle heater do not appear to be heating up and error out when I manually set the temps in klipper web interface. - the sensor type / heater type should bet set by default - the Github on FYSETC doesnt mention needing to make changes.

thanks for the help.
Working alot better - but still a little stuck.... getting a Klipper shutdown but i'll post a new topic to cover.