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New here, quick question about slicers


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Voron 2.4 CoreXY
Hi, I ordered my Voron 2.4 and should be getting it by monday, I'm looking forward to building it. I was curious about the most optimal slicer to use for it, I tried creating a default profile in Cura for the Voron but the latest version is 2.0 i believe, and it doesnt look right. I read in a thread about someone suggesting SuperSlicer, I just downloaded it and while it's different than Cura, it doesn't look overly complicated.

Wondering what people here recommend for a slicer, and if there is anything I should do in preparation for my printer.

Lots of people also use OrcaSlicer (A combination of prusa slicer, super slicer and bambo labs slicer)
But then some stick to cura.

I use PrusaSlicer.

SuperSlicer and OrcaSlicer have features that help with calibrating your printer. But you can do without. Or just use it for calibration and then switch to your preferred slicer.
My preference when it comes to the Vorons,


But it changes all the time based on features that are released.
I'll throw in my hat for SuperSlicer too...


I use Prusaslicer for some things (most notably, skirts with fancy mesh). It's better for Multicolor with MMUs.

I've just begun to play with Orca, and it seems functional enough. I'm not sure I like it enough to switch yet.

Each one has its pros and cons.
Thanks for all the input, I think I'll stick with SuperSlicer for now since it seems not too complicated, but I'll take a look at Orca before my machine gets here.