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What Slicer do you use?


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I'm proud of myself for graduating from CURA to SuperSlicer (not even sure why, but I am), but I'm curious about Prusa Slicer. It gets some really cool updates.
Anyone have a slicer that they recommend?
I had been using SuperSlicer exclusively since building my Trident. I have since moved over to Orca for most jobs now.
Orca does look interesting. One of the bonuses of the NiteHawk is that I have an ADXL installed now. I didn't really want to wire to GPIO pins, so I never really got far with Ellis' tuning guide. Once I do that and learn the more in-depth features of my printer, I'll give it a try.
My choice in slicers changes as printing progresses and I don't just use one. My choice is done but what printer I am using and what features I want but sometimes if I print something and it does not look good, I will try a different one. I will give a general order that I use but as of now my first go to is Orca.
1. Orca
2. Prusa
3. Bambu Slicer
4. Simplify3D
5. Cura