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Orbiter V2 - klipper config settings


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Hi all,

I have an Orbiter V2 mounted on a DragonBurner and am trying to understand the recommended klipper settings that are suggested on the Orbiter product website.

The last four lines of code really.... I can seem to find info on the klipper website on what they do. Are they needed? I'm using 2209 drivers.

[tmc2208 extruder]
interpolate: true
run_current: 0.85 #**
hold_current: 0.100
sense_resistor: 0.11 #**
stealthchop_threshold: 0
driver_TBL: 0
driver_HEND: 6
driver_HSTRT: 7
driver_TOFF: 4

You would need to find the info on the TMC web site.

But they are not necessary, you can hash them out.
Those last 4 lines are motor tuning. If you have whatever *exact motor* those lines were originally written for, they'd at least be worth testing. If your motor isn't the *exact model*, you should probably ditch them
Thanks to the both of you! I purchased the LDO Orbiter V2 so my guess is I have the correct / exact motor. But for now I will comment out those lines and try. I did not think to look on the TMC website, so thank you NoGuru.