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Panel resonances on V0.2r1?


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So I've got my V0.2r1 built and I've already installed an EBB36 CAN board on the MiniSB toolhead (I really don't like the look of the umbilical that the formbot kit comes with) and it includes an ADXL345 onboard. I did a resonance measurement last night and I got some massive harmonics at around 90hz - it sounded like panels were flapping as it was quite loud and pronounced. As it went past that frequency, it quietened off, but you can see the spikes in the resonance graphs. I've doubled checked the build manual, and I don't see anywhere suggesting application of any kind of panel damping - is there some place I should be looking at to install some pads or damping to eliminate the vibrations?


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I'm actually thinking it's where the side panels touch the Y axis rails - on the trident there's clearance for some 1mm foam tape to avoid resonances. I'm also suspecting the top hat - I think the top panel may be vibrating as it's the same on both X and Y axis when I run the resonance test. I'll try adding some VHB tape on the panel clips as well - I should be able to do that with much issue