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Question Printable area XY not 120 for v0.1


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Printer Model
My printer should be have printable area for 120mmX120mm XY, but I need to set XY position_min: 4 in order to prevent print head hit the rail.
also find that its print out is not at center which 4mm shitf.
Anyone know how to fix it.

What toolhead are you using? I've only got familiarity with MiniSB and sensorless homing. If you have Sensors for homing (microswitches or hall effect) then you might be able to adjust those to get them set correctly. If you are using sensorless homing, then the tension needs to be well balanced and the rail needs to have consistent drag before you tune the sensorless
here is the video, I do not know how to tune it.
With your center shifted something isn't right.
Can the tool head move the full range in the frame? Turn off the printer & move it with your hands to see if it gets all the way to the corners ok and if there's any resistance anywhere.
Is it homing correctly? I found that with the sensorless homing if it triggers prematurely, that's how far offset the center is.
Dear Claudermilk,
I have try you suggestion, but still cannot fix, I need to set :
step_pin: gpio11
dir_pin: gpio10
enable_pin: !gpio12
microsteps: 16
rotation_distance: 32
endstop_pin: !gpio4
position_endstop: 120
position_max: 120
position_min: 5
homing_speed: 50
homing_retract_dist: 0
homing_positive_dir: True

in order to prevent over range.
It seem that the X/Y axis range is over 120MM. I try to sent max to 125, but when move to min 5, print head also hit the axis.