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Self sourced 2.4 R2. My first 3D printer ever


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I was on the sling shot channel and someone designed a repeating ball bearing slinging crossbow.
But you can't buy it, you have to print it yourself.
Then I'm putting a later/better/stronger 02A trany in the old MK2 VW golf and the speedometer won't match the new trany.
Someone designed and printed up a solution.
Then it hit me.
There's a whole world of great things being designed that I can't buy.
I don't know anyone with a 3D printer locally. But I could make them myself and should learn how.

I got to studying 3D printers and there are so many to choose from.
In the comments on a utube video, someone mentioned a Voron, so I went to see what they were talking about, down the rabbit hole.
I love building things and have an old degree in electronics from '89 so I think I can do it.

Bought the stealthburner guts from Fysetc:
And a REVO hotend at the discord garage sale. Got my PIF parts delivered so all the parts for the stealthburner are here.
Heatserts are fun.

Well I've already run into some problems.
1. The extruder bearing in the flat half fits nice and tight but when I went to put the other extruder bearing in, it fits loosely into the bottom of the half with the cone.
I wondered if the OD of the bearings was different, so I popped the one out of the flat side and tried it in the cone side. Same result.
So I made a video. Wondering what you experts think:
It fits loosely on the shaft but it still comes out with the shaft. It falls in and falls out.

2. The squirrel cage fan sticks up past the edge of the plastic, by about 1/8".
The distance from the top of the plastic down to the ledge the fan sits on is about 12.6mm and the fan is 15mm.
So I made another video:

Discord is great for a quick answer, but forums are easier to follow so I'm glad this one is available.
And thanks to all the members who have made build threads. They really are a great way to learn from other people's mistakes.
OK, my mistake. The fan doesn't get put back together before it is installed.
The cover gets removed and stays off.
I am watching BIB videos and working alongside.
Couldn't find the voron design page for the stealthburner, just the afterburner.
Maybe his instructions are for an LDO kit.
Good luck on the build. I'm sorry that I can't help - I built my Vorons before Stealthburner was released so I'm not familiar with your issues. Without any 3D printing experience, you may find the software (Klipper) and tuning of the printer a little intimidating, but enough people are willing to help and some pretty good videos.
The tuning is really the most intimidating part for me. But I have to get that far first, ha.
I have to mention that one of the reasons I chose a voron is because of all the community support.

To tighten the bearing up in the housing, I wrapped some foil tape around the bearing.
That was too much, It felt like it was fitting too tight and might crack if I kept pressing so I just put foil tape on 1/3 of the bearing's OD.
It now fits snug, holds tight.
My PIF provider said it would be fine. But that bearing is on the end closest to the filament and I think it would have caused an oscillation, being loose enough to fall out.

Another problem I ran into was with the LEDs in the fysetc stealthburner kit.
The LEDs have a surface mounted cap and resistor on the sides of the LED.
Just like in these ones:

There is a groove in the plastic holders to make room for them to slide into.
The fysetc one had the center LED, that goes under the logo, turned 90 degrees, so the cap was on the end instead of the sides.
When I tried to slide it into the LED carrier it hit the plastic nub on the far end and broke off.
I let fysetc know so they don't continue to build them like that. Gotta give QC feedback to vendors so they can improve their product.
If I had noticed, I could have carved the nub out of the plastic and it wouldn't have broken off, and probably would still have sat good enough to work.
I'll put an LED string into one of my other carts.

I never have learned how to solder surface mount components, might be time I did.

Over the weeks, while I was studying voron, learning the terms, I filled a cart on alley express with items from different venders.
It was time to actually commit and start spending some money and checkout.
The fysetc stuff got here last by a good stretch. The extrusions and bed from Funssor got here quick.