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Shopping for parts

These are Misumi extrusion clone.

There are roughly three commonly used types of extrusions:
  1. Misumi extrusions, including Misumi and similar cross-sectional clones. However, it should be noted that some of these clones allow Roll-in nuts to slide in easily, while others require tool insertion.
  2. European extrusions, which differ mainly in the size of the tapped holes (M6), you need use M6x16 BHCS screws with it. .
  3. V-Slot profiles, cannot be used for VORON .
Thanks for the thorough answer.
I saw the V shape on the ends and thought maybe it isn't something I want.
I bought a set in red.
First time I've bought from alley express.

I have a list of shtuff to get from west3d.
Their self-source configurator really helped figure out what I need.
It's not as overwhelming as the BOM, with every nut bolt and screw listed.