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Stealthburner fan specifications


New member
I'm about to purchase a Voron 2.4 (350mm) kit which will comes with Stealthburner. I'm also looking to put together an parts order for spares and mods (GE5C, Bed fans etc) ...which has me looking at Stealthburner fan specifications.

My question is regarding Fan RPM's for the Stealthburner hot end fan (4010 Axial Fan ) and parts fan ( 5015 Centrifugal /Blower Fan) .
  • The Gdstime 24V dual bearing 5015 fan's I've been looking at come in 6000rpm or 8500rpm
  • The Gdstime 24V dual bearing 4010 fan's I've been looking at come in 5500rpm or 7500rpm

Ignoring noise, is there anything i should be aware of if choosing the faster fans?

Note: hotend will be Phaetus Dragon HF.
For 5015 definitely get the stronger one, it is used for part cooling. 4010 I also recommend getting the faster one. Dragon is a bit specific that it can be harder to cool this hotend due to it's small heatsink usually placed just behind fan hub. Get the stronger one, and if you face heat creep and clogs, tone it down to 80%.