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Strange extruder issue.


New member
Printer Model
Voron 2.4 R2 350
Extruder Type
LGX Lite
Cooling Type
Hi guys.

I've just finished my V2.4 R2 350 build with Tap and CanBus. All went OK until I started the initial checks and tune. Everything is working exactly as it should do apart from an issue I have with my extruder. I am running a Stealthburner with an LGX Lite and a BTT EBB36 CanBus board. My extruder is running backwards and adding a ! before the dir_pin makes no difference.
Also, regardless of whether I hit "Extrude" or "Retract" via the dashboard, the stepper still only goes in one direction (backwards). This is my first build using Klipper and Mainsail so I'm not 100% up to speed on this interface. Any ideas on this one would be greatly appreciated.
Check the connection on the control board. If the wiring is not contacting good it can do this. Let me try to elaborate. If you have say two or three wires from the motor connected and one or two are out or just hardly touching it can do what you describe.
Thanks for your response. I actually worked it out in the end after much head scratching. There were some duplicated pin settings in the Printer.cfg and the EBB36.cfg files created for the CanBus system. Commenting out these duplicated settings in the Printer.cfg file cured the issue.