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Question Garlic Box : not simple to print with a Voron Trident


Hi guys, i'm fighting with my voron trident 300 . My setup is :
Voront trident 300 - formbot kit , no canbus , extruder Lgx lite v2 + hot end Rapido 2 Hf .
Material : Polymaker PLA , temp Hotend 210° and bed @ 60°
Slicer SuperSlicer with Ellis Profiles and main calibration done .

I replaced my stock Stealthburner extruder with Lgx lite v2 and started issue .
I attached a pict that compare in the left a cheaper Ender 3V2 and in the right my Voron .
What can be improved ?

Many thanks for advices
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Part cooling is not working or not strong enough.
You might be over extruding. Check the extruder settings and recalibrate. Make sure you have the correct gear ratio set.
Hi guys . About extruder step calibration is one of first calibration done but i can recheck . So in any case i done other tests and i try a good solution using Cura as slicer and update the Z calibration with +0.05 . What do you think ?
It still looks over-extruded to me.

I also don't think your problem was related to SuperSlicer. There is nothing wrong with Cura, but I don't think changing slicers was necessary - this really looks like a configuration problem, not a slicer issue.
Hi ClauderMilk , I done tuning of SuperSlicer and Ellis flow rate . I think that test of SuperSlicer or my results are not reliable and some value is not right .
Just tonight i re printed with cura and results was not so bad .
Hi guys. I've followed your adivse and i re-done step calibration and SLicer Flow rate .
Seems better , what do you think ?

You mean a Filament setting preset? I start with the base generic preset for the material type and run through the Ellis tuning, then save with a descriptive name to create a new user preset.