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Self Sourced Voron Trident 300 Detailed Build Log India Edition

The pleasure is on my side. This is one of the best build logs and information gathered that I have seen. I will use this thread as a reference when looking at all the options in a build ;)
Thank you for your kind words. It’s only been possible because of the fantastic voron community who had my back throughout the build process. I have just read through a lot of stuff and had a ton of conversations then consolidated to share all this so that others can pace through their own builds.
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Did you accidentally post this message here ? Also the url ssoportal.co does not seem to be relevant in this context. Can you please elaborate ?
Looks like SEO farming by posting the URL everywhere where search engines can crawl and link it. Removing.
Wow, that sounds like it was a trip and a half. Fantastic write up, I am sure that helps a lot of builders along the way.
thank you for your kind words. I hope you found this useful.
This was indeed a wonderful learning experience and it has now helped me think in so many new directions and possibilities of making similar hardware projects.

I am thinking this is just the beginning . . .
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