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SuperSlicer / PrusaSlicer / Slic3r Profiles - How does this system work???


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Does anyone have some good info on the intended use for System Presets, User Presets, and Physical Printer within SuperSlicer? Posting on Discord did not help at the moment. Surely someone knows how this is supposed to work when you have multiple nozzle diameters, various filaments, etc?

This is a mess for me right now, and all my filaments disappeared as I was trying to fix strange depenencies suchs notes==E3DV6, and I cannot get them back.

Surely someone understands how this system works or was meant to be used... at the very least a design intent?
Print settings: this is for walls and such with a few options like Z-hop and speed that can be overwritten by filament and physical printer.
Filament settings: Sets temperature settings and also maximum allowable speeds for an individual filament
Physical machine, sets build volume and maximum speeds the printer can move before it breaks which is different then how fast you can print.

If you dont save settings in a preset they disappear. each of those categories has their own presets. Superslicer prompts you to save on exit so its easy to override your base settings.
The Settings can be stored in a 3MF object file or there are default machine profiles.

I am not exactly sure what you are asking though. If you are new to 3d printing I would suggest a general overview slicer video from youtube,
I dont know in super slicer but in Prussiaslicer certain presets are preconfigured for certan machines, and in a custom machine they are not there.
I really just use a general filament type. I print all petg with a single petg setting thats 240c nozzle and 80c bed. If i need to change it I just modify the generic one.
Mostly the same with print settings. I just tweak them as I go, occasionally rename/saving them if I make big changes.
If you open a 3mf file it contains print settings as well. I dont really know how that works though, maybe it only shows up under certain circumstances, link opening a file through explorer instead of the slicer.
Best advice I’ve gotten for slicers was to keep the settings close to generic values then your tune the printer , flow cal, bed level, retractions etc. once you do that you should have a printer that can do most prints without issues.