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SuperSlicer z_step value for Voron 2.4


New member
I'm looking for information about the correct value and it's importance for the `z_step` parameter in SuperSlicer under Printer Settings -> General -> Size and coordinates -> z utilities -> Z full step.
I've found different configurations using different values and quite frankly I don't understand why and what for.
What I've seen is:
Default Voron 2.4 profile in SS: 0.00625
Ellis: 0.01
Stephan (Schnitzelslicerrepo): 0.005

I'm using LDO-42STH48-2004AC(VRN) motors for z-axis and stock LDO config for stepper_z's and tmc2209's (`rotation_distance: 40 gear_ratio: 80:16 microsteps: 32`).
I've been runnig some prints on all 3 of the above values. I've been doing some first layer tuning with Ellis guide and on his profile, though I seem to have some super high value of tap z-offset at `-1.140` after tuning the first layer or so i've been told.

I'd appreciate any help.
The default Trident is also 0.00625 and I've never changed it. I checked my printer.cfg and I have -1.535 for my z_offset (with Tap). I get perfect first layers, I don't really care what that value is--the printer is happy with it so I'm happy with it.
I gave up on chasing this topic, switched to OrcaSlicer and I’m using mostly default voron 2.4 profile (adjusted to match voron pif) with hardly print failures.