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TAP as Z end stop

George Velkov

Active member
I have Voron 1.6 and Voron-Stealthburner built and successfully running under Marlin software.
Now I finished building my new 250x250 Voron Trident with raspberry pi 3+,Stealthburner and
Tap z-probe with optical switch. I was able to test all the motors and configured the axes successfully
X and Y, the PID settings for the extruder and the bed.
The software Clipper is new to me and to move forward, now I would like to use the optical switch in
the TAP as a Z end stop.
Is this possible and how should it be configured.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Sincerely, George
To expand on that slightly, you want to configure Tap as a probe, then use the virtual endstop pin it provides for the Z endstop in the stepper config. There is not a need for a real Z endstop like with inductive probes, which are good for figuring out the relative topology of the steel under the bed surface, but not great for absolutes due to drift.