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Unable to read tmc uart 'stepper_y' register IFCNT, MSCNT and GSTAT error messages.

Yesterday I ran into a wear issue after I started a print job.
I am using a Voron 2.4 R2 with EBB 2040 can board and ERCF v2 using the old EBB Burrow board + Voron tap.

After the printer was done with all the initial things (QGL+bed mesh+scrubbing etc.) and started on the real
print it started printing the skirt and on the first move in the positive Y direction the printer stopped and
gave me ONE the following the messages (I dont really recall which one came when) and said I need to do a firmware restart after fixing the issue.

I had no idea what it was so I first just did the restart..and homed the printer...on the Y homing it did the same again..this time was with one of the OTHER messages.

I tried fiddling with the connectors on the motors and re-started again...same issue again..but maybe with another message....

The general point is that it kept giving me ONE of these messages. Also after several more attempts.

Unable to read tmc uart 'stepper_y' register IFCNT
Unable to read tmc uart 'stepper_y' register MSCNT
Unable to read tmc uart 'stepper_y' register GSTAT

(I have never previously had this error type and have been printing the last year with no similar issues)

I did not really have so much time so I had to just leave it...so I left the printer with power on but it was of course cooling down.

30 minutes later I had time to look at it again...and I did another homing and again of all axes and again it failed with one of the messages on the Y homing.
Then I fiddles with the connectors again and did a firmware restart..and tried again..this time it did it all perfectly as suppoosed..and I did a 3 hour print with mmu swapping and all with no problems.

SO what is wrong here? Just bad connections? Bad wires?