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Question V0.1 config file


New member
I have mechanically assembled a V0.1 printer and am now ‘Configuring the Software’.
On the Voron Design site under ‘The Build/Software Configuration’ there is no link shown for a V0.1 configuration file so I used the V0.2 config.
I have been able to successfully ‘Verify the heaters’ and BUZZ the X, Y and Z motors and the HOME X and HOME Y routines run properly but when I HOME Z, the bed lowers to the bottom of the enclosure where the V0.2 limit switch should be found but my limit switch is in the top of the enclosure and can be manually operated to change over just as the bed touches the nozzle.
I can reverse the ‘dir_pin’ for the Z motor but then the’ stepper_z’ BUZZ test moves (wrongly) up then down.
What changes do I need to make to printer.cfg or, alternatively, where can I source the V0.1 config file?