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Voron 0.2 foam between panels and frame


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Hi All,

I just finished building my Formbot V0.2 kit (still need to get Klipper running) but the kit came with a roll of 1x8mm single sided foam tape. I assume this is for putting between the panels and the frame to insulate better, but the manual did not mention this at all. Am I correct with this assumption? Does the V0.2 even need foam between the panels and the frame to keep heat in? Thanks for your help!

FYI if anyone wants to know the Formbot 0.2 kit was great, my only gripe was the clear panels were all scratched and scuffed so they are not overly clear.
Not sure why Formbot includes the foam tape, since it's not needed anywhere on a V0.2. You can just ignore it
I recently finished building a Formbot V0.2r1. The foam tape doesn't seem to be a part of BOM. But, I used it in the same way I did for building V2.4.
Here are complications I encountered:
- Magnetic door does NOT close properly due to increased gap from the foam tape. I had to use two 2mm thick magnets (20mmx5mm size) to make the magnet door hold again
- There is also increased gap between tophat bottom end and printer body side panels

Frankly I think drawbacks outweight potential benefits (if any).