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Question Voron 2.4 470mm print area skirt


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Voron 2.4
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Hi guys,
I'm only planning my Voron 2.4 470x470x300 now and I'm trying to get everything in order.

For the skirts, are they modular? I cannot seem to find anything online about the Voron skirts other than how to install them and they seem to be for specific sizes when looking at the STLs.

Do I need to make custom ones to fit my size (not an issue if I do, but I don't want to waste time doing it if it's unnecessary)?

Thanks in advance!
The skirts have a common center section for the front and sides. Front depends on the GUI you use. The rear has some variations which depends on the type of power input you want and if you want that to come into the side or the center.

The cosmetic bits (the ones with the hex pattern) will require that you design your own based on the dimensions that you need. OR you can create a gap fill part by chopping off the stock designs (in CAD) and fitting them in.

I would first search the interwebs to see if somebody else made some, or has created a parametric part file for your chosen CAD program.