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Fysetc 2.4 kit 625 bearing size problem


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Voron 2.4 (fysetc kit)
Building a new Voron 2.4 from the Fysetc kit and need some advice. I'm on pg 33 of the manual, tying to put the 5x60 shaft through the 625 bearings. There is a tolerance issue and the rod won't fit inside. The provided bearings show 4.94mm ID and the rods are 5.15mm. The rods fit in the other parts without issue. What would be the best thing to do here? Should I order new bearings (with the hope they have a slightly larger ID), drill out the current ones, maybe try to file down the rods (which seems like it'd be the most difficult) or contact Fysetc customer support and report out-of-spec parts?
Page 33 is for the Z endstop. That does not need to spin so I would sand the pin down.

If you are talking about a different section maybe contact Fysetc and ask. I would not be surprised if you had to do a little sanding though.