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Voron 2.4R2 Pro Plus Programming


Hello everyone. I'm seeking assistance with programming for my new printer. Something is not right and I can't seem to figure out what the issue is. My main board is a Bigtreetech Manta M8P+CB1 V1.1 and Canbus BTT EBB SB2240 CAN. All wires and jumpers are placed in their correct respective positions as far as I can tell. The issue is the CAN is not communicating with the main board. I've researched and found some info on what needs to be done but even that fails to work. I've flashed the main board with the proper binary files that enable the CAN and then created the files to flash the SB2240. The issue comes in when you go to program the SB2240, it does not show up as being in DFU mode but I can access it via the stm32cubeprogrammer software and flash the bin files to the proper locations that way and they come back good with no errors. Has anyone else purchased a brand new Pro Plus with these options and have figured out how to make it work? Have you run across a printer configuration file that actually works? Mine is telling me that it cannot connect [mcu] serial now that I've programmed for CAN but that setting must be there. I've been at this for several days and am about to give up.
Looks like you have a lot of non standard equipment. Post your printer config and we can take a look.

I HIGHLY recommend not doing CAN bus from the start of the build, its far to difficult to get it working when you are trying to learn the rest of the build.
Formbot has a discord with a klipper / config channel that would probably be the right place to ask these questions.
Finally after reprogramming the canbus and the EBB SB2440 I have it working. Now I just need a valid printer configuration file for my setup. I found a couple but they are not exactly what I need but I will get it working eventually. I'm almost finished putting it together so hopefully I can get that config file figured out.
Still have errors but here is my printer config file along with a klipper log. Log is at the top, config at the bottom.


  • klippy with printer config.txt
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