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Voron 2.4R2 w/ LDO Newbuild help !!


Printer Model
Voron 2.4r2
Extruder Type
Clockwork 1
Cooling Type
I bought the 2.4r2 kit, I have the Aluminum extras. The mechanical build went fine. No real issues other that retrofitting some of the alum parts. I am having challenges with the wiring. Two questions so far:
1. My power supply is set on 115 (I Live in the USA) ... do I need to flip it to 230 for some reason ?
2. The REV C wiring pictures on LDO do not match what with my manual said to wire? All of LDOs pictures show this item ? Is this just a UK item? Is this required in the USA and if so where can I order one ? LDOMissingPart.jpg