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Voron Tap issue - endstop always open


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Hi all,

I have recently upgraded to boron tap and have encountered an issue, the endstop is always open, when I move the tool head up it's still open. I have tried to see what the issue is for myself but I can't really see anything that I have done wrong but I obviously have!

Could any one offer some advice? I have attached my printer.cfg and I will add that my inductive probe was working fine prior to this install.

Any help would be great :)


  • printer.txt
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I ran into that behavior with Tap and my Octopus. I tried putting the signal on the "proper" PB7 pin and that's what it did. I moved back to the STOP_7 PG15 pin where I had the inductive and later Klicky, and all was well again. This is with both a wired optical sensor and the V2.4.1 5-25V PCB (which is what I'm currently running).
We need some more information I guess. Where did you connect the sensor to the Mainboard, do you use a plain sensor or an Optotap version (if so, which one like "niemand" asked before).

What you can always check though is to take the sensor out and use a piece of paper to test if the state changes (use m119 command)