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voron web server End Of Life warning


New member

We are succesfully operating Voron 2.4 for a year now.
Our voron uses fluidd as a web aplication which is served via the NGINX static file web server.
The problem is that Raspberry Pi 3B+ (32 bit ARMHF architecture) doesn't support updating NGINX (actually, its the oposite but the point is the same) to the latest version 1.24.

So, when we run a network security screen, NGINX v1.18 pops out as a warning for End Of Life - which we need to fix somehow.

I know for a fact that runing APACHE also gives this warning, because I had to disable all of them on our another Pi-s.

In the lack of ideas, I will be forced to disconnect voron from the network (render it useless).

Please, is there anything I could do other than that?

Thank you in advance for answering.


your fluiddpi (which btw is also not supported anymore, so maybe consider to change it to a plain raspbian lite with kiauh or a dockerized installation) is based on raspbian lite bullseye (debian 11).
Currently nginx on the stable debian repo is indeed 1.18.0-6.1+deb11u3, which is considered as eol from the nginx devs, but is still maintained for debian by the Debian Nginx Maintainers in that case.

You can take a look on the overview here: https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/nginx
And specifically on the security issues here: https://security-tracker.debian.org/tracker/source-package/nginx

As you can see there was no security related issue so far disclosed for the particular version, and if, it would most likeley get fixed.

If you never the less want to get rid of the "unsupported" version, you can run nginx in docker in the latest version (see https://hub.docker.com/_/nginx).

You can either run everything (klipper, moonraker, mainsail/fluidd) in docker if you want to, but you can also run only the webserver part in docker.
For a customized setup you should learn how docker works in general, and either use the nginx docker image linked above or some custom one.
If you are looking for a (simple,) complete and updated solution you can take a look on https://github.com/dimalo/klipper-web-control-docker/tree/main , especially the https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dimalo/klipper-web-control-docker/main/docker-compose.yml . After creating the nessecary files listed under volumes, save the docker-compose.yml to a folder and preparing docker on your rpi, you should be able to run everything simply by
docker compose up -d
or with older docker-compose (needs to be installed additionally with docker)
docker-compose up -d

If you have specific questions, hit me up via pn/discord (you can find it in my profile).