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What features would you like to see in 0.3?

Orca has some nice stuff that automates the process and that would be cool - though the Bambu X1C has a camera on the printhead to do that calibration at the start of every print. Would be nice to have that as an add-on to a Klipper / Voron unit.
I'd like to see some degree of automatic tuning for EM and PA added. Whether it's a Klipper macro and a doc page or a camera and AI, either is fine.
Using Ellis' print tuning guide is fine, but reducing those "necessary" steps is better.

You mean like the ones built into Orca slicer?

Link for reference.

Ellis provides a wealth of information which we are lucky to have, but in some cases I actually prefer these simpler calibrations built in to OrcaSlicer.

For example, the pressure advance tower. It's simple, has no reliance on first layer quality, and is easy to remove when finished. The Ellis pattern can be a pain to remove if your bed adhesion is too strong, and the Line Method is a nightmare - hundreds of small details to pick off of the build plate.
I'd like to see a solution for the "shit, I have forgotten to put a nut in that rail" problem. And maybe change from MGN7 to MGN9 on X.
I just made a small tutorial how to make one of these yourself if you don't live in a region where you can buy them...
Kirigami won't become spec, regardless of how Nemgrea himself and other people adore it. It's a custom-made part, VORON philosophy is to make printers from common parts which can be bought worldwide.
Kirigami was an attempt to fix a problem in the V0 design where the bed was not rigidly mounted. I think V0.3 should address the problem by redesigning the bed mount. 1515 extrusions could work. One idea is to use two carriages on each z-rail. You need a longer z-rail but four car systems are very common in motion control. Or maybe just drilling the 1515 extrusion and mounting them direct to the carrages, metal on metal, no plastic.