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Question What servo for Klicky on Switchwire?


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I’m building a Klicky for my Switchwire which uses a servo. I don’t have much of a stock of servos, which one would people recommend?
I got these MG90S servos from Amazon. They were acceptable for my use, perhaps a bit on the weak side, but with tuning, it has been very repeatable. I use my Switchwire to print only PLA and the Christmas season is when I do 90% of my PLA printing, so these servos have been running all day.
I just picked up towerpro servos from Adafruit (MG90D). Hopefully they will work with the klicky mod for the switchwire. Not sure the digital version will matter.
I got some cheap noname MG90S. With my old RAMPS 1.4 and 5V supplied through an ATX PSU the servos where really weak. Sometimes all of them had problems pulling the klicky servo dock back when deploying the probe. When i switched to a SKR Pico on my SW the problems with the weak servos are gone. I would say it also depends heavily on your PSU.
I wired up the Towerpro MG90D units from Adafruit to my Switchwire and it is working great so far. I heard many stories of the cheap servos with high failure rates. Rather spend the little extra money on buying something of better quality.