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Question Would it be better to remove panels, door and top hat if only printing PLA?

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So as 'm not getting much traction with selling this little fella, I've decided to persist. I was wondering, looking at the chamber temp when printing something in PLA, it was around 50, if it wouldn't be better to remove the side panels, the door and top hat for good, considering I only print PLA on it? I do also like the skeletalised esthetic, as well as making it a little easier to transport... What is everyone's thoughts? Is the Fram rigid enough without a bar going over the top of the front? Should I get better results if heat can dissipate more easily?


yes if you are only printing PLA, no need for any type of enclosure. I can print PLA just fine on my by leaving the door off. I just start the preheat as I'm slicing the file and send it. No issues with cooling at all.